St. Patrick's Day Party

Saint Patrick's Day always falls on March 17 and is a public holiday in Ireland.  Saint Patrick's Day is a religious holiday named after the most commonly recognized of the patron saints of Ireland, Saint Patrick. St. Patrick's Day started as a Catholic holiday, but in the early 17th century it became a day of feast.  Over the years it has become simply, a celebration of Ireland's culture.

Today, people around the world celebrate St. Patrick's by wearing green, watching parades, drinking green beer and eating corned beef and cabbage.  Of course you need to beware; if you are not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day you might get pinched!

St Patrick's Day DrinksSt. Patricks Day Drinks  - There are many choices but the first that always comes to mind is green beer.  Actually, when it comes to beer, Guinness is the real Irish beer of choice.  It's a dry stout from Dublin that was started in the brewery of Arthur Guinness in the 1700's. 

There are many who think of the Irish as those who like to drink in a pub, but remember, Ireland produces some of the finest stouts and whiskeys in the world.

St. Patricks Day Toasts and Blessings - And when you are out having a drink on St. Patrick's Day be sure  to toast all of your friends and family that are there with you.  Drink to your Irish brethren.   

St Patrick's Day FoodSt. Patricks Day Food - The foods of Ireland date back many years, but somewhere back in the 1700's, potatoes came to Ireland by way of South America and have been a staple there ever since.  Potatoes along with cabbage are among some of the hearty side dishes that we love today.

There are many Irish favorites to choose from like; Corn Beef and Cabbage; Irish Stew, Irish Soda Bread and Shepherd's Pie. 

St Patrick's Day DessertsSt. Patricks Day Desserts - Although dessert may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of St. Patrick's Day, there are plenty of delicious ideas that can fit this green Irish theme. 

Just get creative by decorating cookies and cupcakes with green clovers, pots-of-gold, or little leprechauns. Whatever you do, keep it green.

If you are serving punch, make it green.  If you are serving hot chocolate or coffee, top them off with some whip cream and some tiny green sprinkles or some little miniature clover sprinkles.

St Patrick's Day DecorationsSt. Patricks Day Decorations - First you need to set the stage by decorating the entrance to the party like an Irish Pub.  Next, make sure there is green everywhere and lots of clovers.  A pot of gold here or there and a few leprechauns. 

Don't forget to have some hats and green bead necklaces around so your guests feel right at home.

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