Celebrate the United States' Declaration of Independence with all the fireworks, stars and stripes that go with it for your 4th of July party this year! All you need is an assortment of traditional patriotic foods such as apple pie, hamburgers and ice cream, and a firework-worthy location to create the most magical commemoration of American freedom you and your family have ever experienced. And with the American flag in-hand and a little patriotism, you'll have yourself singing the Star-Spangled Banner by nightfall. Just take a look at some of our 4th of July party ideas and create an Independence Day spectacular to share with your friends and family this year!

4th of July Food - Ask any neighbor or passerby in the states and they'll tell you that the most important component to an awesome

4th of July Food

4th of July party besides the fireworks is fantastic food.  You can start by pledging allegiance to your grill and making some of America's favorite barbeque foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, steak and chicken. Try adding an Independence Day twist to some of your favorite classics by incorporating an American flag or the colors red, white, and blue in each dish. For example, you can buy some toothpicks with an American flag attached from a party store and stick them in each of your hamburgers.

You can also add a few traditional American side dishes and desserts such as pasta salad, corn bread, fresh fruit parfait, apple pie, ice cream or strawberry short cake. And don't forget to shake things up with a little patriotic punch to go with your 4th of July menu. Try putting an American spin on the classic lemonade by dying it red or blue with food coloring. And for the adults you can serve up some strawberry and blueberry margaritas or bloody marys. Take a look at our 4th of July party food page for even more ideas on how to throw your best patriotic bash yet!   

Where are you going to have your celebration? Your 4th of July party success depends largely on the location of your family gathering, whether it is a cozy barbeque or fun picnic. 

Where are you going to celebrate 4th of July

Since this sunny holiday takes place in the summer, it is wise to select a party location where you and your patriots can enjoy the beautiful weather and even a firework show after the sun sets.

If you aren't willing to host your 4th of July bash in your backyard, try staking out a spot at the beach or the park where you can best enjoy the sunny weather. Although many cities do not allow fireworks to be set off to avoid accidental fires, there is always the option of trucking the family over to a park in a city where fireworks are not prohibited. And don't forget to be safe and bring a bucket and some water to ensure that all the fireworks are properly extinguished. Check out our 4th of July party location page for more creative ideas on where to host your American celebration this year.

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